About Us

Who are we?

FixYourPhone is an experienced and trusted mobile device repair service provider. An award winning service center, FixYourPhone is certified as an AppleCare & Samsung Motherboard Technician, and is fully capable of serving other smart phone brands.

At the heart of our business is the desire to create a hassle-free and fair service to phone owners who are keen to get their phone back as soon as possible. As such, we thrive to be professional and deliver the best phone repair service possible.

Why choose us?

Face-to-Face Service

We do not charge for the initial diagnosis of your phone’s condition or problem. Instead, we pinpoint the root cause of your phone’s issues, inform you of the relevant repair and clarify any doubts without charge.

Experienced Team

90 days warranty is offered to all customers. If our repair or parts fails within 90 days, you may request us to perform a second repair at no additional costs.

Honest Pricing

In line with the core purpose of our business, we only use original spare parts which have been thoroughly tested for their quality. As such, rest assure that any replacement of parts for your device can be trusted.

What do we offer?

Free Diagnosis

Instead of having your mobile device repair outsourced to an offsite workshop, we provide repair services by our in-house team on the spot. This reduces the turnaround time of the repair, allowing for same day collections*.

*A minimum of ___hours is required, collection will be on the next working day if minimum amount of time is not met. If less commonly demanded parts are required, we will attain the part within 7 days.


Our technicians are experienced individuals who have worked on many different phone models. They use advance methods to solve complex problems while keeping cost low. Instead of merely suggesting wholesale replacement, we offer alternatives that cost you less.

Original Parts

We offer reasonable, upfront and transparent price quotes before servicing your phone. No hidden costs are included, all prices quoted at Net, hence giving you an informed decision. Additionally, if repair is unsuccessful, no service charges will be laid on you.

Get in touch with us today at Call : 8169 3273

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