(JH) What are the Benefits of Ballet for Kids?

(JH) What are the Benefits of Ballet for Kids?

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When we think of ballet, we will usually imagine a girl dancing gracefully on a stage in pink. What we do not realise are the benefits that come along with the process of developing girls into ballerinas. 

We have compiled a list of benefits the kids will gain from taking ballet lessons. 


The first lessons will usually be accompanied by rules set by the children’s teachers. These include the dos and don’ts, and the need to maintain good behaviours around their peers. They will also learn to give way to their peers and realise the need to respect one another. 

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If your little one is shy, learning ballet will help to build up her confidence level. When she has executed the dancing steps correctly, she will eventually feel good about herself. The opportunities to demonstrate to her peers or performing on stage are little ways for her to gain confidence. 


Children will learn that they must learn to work with their fellow dancers. Although every ballet dancer should display their movements correctly, they will realise a well-connected team can do much more. Beyond expressing themselves through their body movements, there has to be communication among dancers to make things work. Dancing together allows them to motivate and help one another when someone makes a mistake. 

Physical Benefits

Ballet is essentially a well-rounded form of exercise that helps dancers improve their strength, endurance and flexibility. It requires a lot of slow, fluid movement while holding a good posture. Over time, your child’s strength and stamina will gradually increase and ultimately achieve a healthier and fitter form. 

Emotional Benefits

Ballet is considered a creative outlet for children to explore their emotions without the fear of judgement. Different steps in ballet involve different emotions, and children can use ballet as a way to express themselves when dancing. 

Additionally, children will often receive feedback and guidance from their teachers, and they will learn to regulate their emotions. When faced with such situations, children will have to learn how to control their emotions and respond calmly. 

Mental Benefits

Attending ballet lessons will allow children to occupy and stimulate their minds with new knowledge and skills. Ballet moves involve a great deal of focus. When provided with a safe and conducive environment, they will find themselves expanding their creativity and overcoming mental barriers. These allow children to feel a great sense of relief from their negative feelings and enjoy the sensation of achievements. 

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Create Friendships

Ballet classes provide a social space for children. Attending ballet lessons regularly can help them to develop their social skills, and eventually build friendships. The bonds forged on the dance floor are friendships born out of teamwork, support and a shared passion for dance. Your child will be dancing and learning with peers of similar ages and overcome challenges together. These can be a memory which stays within your child till forever. 

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